• Music for Vermont Weddings
  • Music of Lake Champlain
  • Musical presentations of Vermont history
  • Music for contra dance
  • Traditional New England Music
  • Music for Folk Festivals
  • Music for contra dance weekends
  • Traditional music for Vermont Weddings
  • Concerts of New England music
  • Concerts of traditional New England music
  • Music for Vermont celebrations
  • Traditional music for Vermont celebrations
  • Concerts, Weddings & Contra dances in VT

Publicity Materials

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Atlantic Crossing is available for concerts, celebrations, contra dances, dance weekends, festivals, corporate functions and much more.

Please click on the links above:

  • to read our biography (downloadable pdf in new window)
  • to access our stage plot & technical requirements (downloadable pdf in new window)
  • to access publicity photos & event posters (downloadable jpgs below).

To review our performance pedigree, please visit Past Performances,
and to read testimonials that others have offered, browse our
Raves and Reviews.

contact us to discuss your requirements & dates and our availability & fees.

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Photo: Peter Macfarlane / Atlantic Crossing

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Photos & Design: Peter Macfarlane / Atlantic Crossing

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