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"My husband and I saw you last night in Montpelier, and thought you were FANTASTIC! We bought your CD - turning the compass- and have been listening and dancing to it all day with our children; We love it … Keep up the great work."

Sidney Collier - Montpelier, VT
About us, in brief:
For nearly two decades, the Vermont band Atlantic Crossing has been thrilling concert audiences and contra-dancers with traditional songs and acoustic instrumental music from New England - music which has deep Celtic roots in the British Isles and in French & Maritime Canada - together with original compositions inspired by these traditions.

Performances we offer:
Concerts - theaters, town greens, coffee houses, Arts Council events, folk clubs, college series, school presentations etc;
Festivals - folk festivals, expositions, agricultural fairs and more;
Contra Dances - national and local dance series, festival dances, dance weekends, wedding dances etc;
Celebrations - weddings, anniversaries, civil unions, you name it;
Corporate Events - acoustic music for background, for listening or for dancing;
and more besides - not being listed here doesn't exclude your event. Let us know what you have in mind!


Well, the Tristan era is over, going out with a flourish at Old Songs. It now seems that Donal Sheets' availability does not bode well for his being the 4th member, so we're on the search again. Meanwhile Rick, Viveka and Peter will be offering the trio version of AC.

Up next:
Our acoustic concert in the Salisbury VT Congregational Church on Friday 21 July was supposed to feature a cameo appearance by Tristan as he passed the baton to Donal, but now he is to fill in for Donal's absence by joining us for one more whole concert.

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More about us:
Rich harmonies and compelling rhythms imbued with a deep love of the tradition, high levels of creativity and emotional expression and a healthy dose of fun are the hallmarks of an Atlantic Crossing performance. The band is bringing to life the music of the Helen Hartness Flanders Collection of traditional New England songs, and we research, write and perform material relating to local history.

Atlantic Crossing have appeared at numerous festivals, concert series, and on Public Radio. We have toured frequently in the USA and in the UK and, as a high energy contradance band, have played at many of the major US dance series as well as dance weekends. We now have six recordings to our name on CD, the latest released in spring 2016, as well as a compilation of sets of dance tunes available on CD.

For many years, Atlantic Crossing were accepted to the Vermont Arts Council's juried artists register, a selection of the state's best artists, and, in recognition of our contribution to the cultural heritage of the state, were designated "American Masterpiece" artists in a joint program of the Vermont Arts Council & Vermont Folklife Center. Both of these programs are now discontinued.

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