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  • Traditional music for Vermont celebrations
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Atlantic Crossing has over twenty years' experience helping to make celebrations truly memorable. This favorite Vermont band specializes in the traditional music of New England, with its roots in Ireland, Scotland, England, and French & Maritime Canada. Four musicians perform on an array of instruments, including twin fiddles, guitar, mandolins, tenor banjo, whistle, bodhran, djembe, foot percussion, and voices.

Among the services which we offer are:

Music for wedding ceremonies and civil unions

  • tunes to lift the spirits of your guests as they arrive
  • elegant Celtic processional music
  • upbeat music for recessionals
  • background music for receiving lines.

We are always happy to take requests for tunes or songs within the acoustic music genre that have special meaning for you, or to help you find the perfect music for specific moments during your ceremony.

Background music for receptions, meals and parties

Let us help set the atmosphere of your gathering with warm and welcoming acoustic music that reflects the beauty of the Vermont landscape, music drawn from the hills and hollows, inspired by the very beauty that has drawn you here.

We take pride in offering music that is complementary to the occasion and the setting, the perfect acoustic backdrop, a wash of sound which permeates your event without being intrusive.

Contra-Dances or
Family Dances

Contra-dancing is the traditional form of New England community dancing, perfect for weddings, family reunions or inter-generational gatherings of any sort. Contra-dances are inclusive, fun and easy to learn.

We can help you book a dance caller who is skilled in getting groups of first-time contra-dancers on their feet and quickly enjoying the toe-tapping music together. Contra-dances can easily be interspersed with couple dances such as waltzes and swing numbers.

We are happy to collaborate with you to ensure that your vision for your celebration is brought to fulfilment, to be guided by you regarding your desires, and to make recommendations where we think they will help. Above all, we are always mindful that this is your special occasion, and that it is our role to help bring to life your dreams.